Flinn Gallery: Mother Goose Re-visited

Roberta at the age of two.

Other works from Roberta Rivera:

Illustrator: Roberta Rivera

Roberta has a BFA degree in Design from the Kansas City Art Institute. Previously a decorative artist and muralist, Roberta happily traded in her gig for a rewarding career as a children's book illustrator (it has been a life long dream of hers).  The best part: working from her home office/studio where she enjoys painting, writing and creating artwork. Roberta finds her inspiration everywhere; from watching the squirrels throwing acorns at her husband's car or watching whales swimming off of Montauk Point.  Life is never dull around Casa el Rivera. 


Hal, the Hampton Hound and the Case of the Missing Puppies, written by children's author, Susan Abrahams was Roberta's first published picture book.  Missing Treasure Means Trouble, a mystery adventure chapter book written by Children's  author, JoAnn Vergona Krapp, is also illustrated by Roberta.  Roberta's work has been in several gallery shows in New York and Connecticut. She also gives workshops on illustrating and the A to Z's on making picture books,  picture book mock-ups or dummies and stories.